Arms Around The Child


Sarah Anne Harris

Project Manager


Sarah has worked around the world with charities, NGOs and social enterprises for many years. She lived in Hong Kong for 3 years, managing large conferences around Asia-Pacific, consulting start-up social enterprises and developing communication campaigns. She has travelled extensively to engage with communities that require exposure and awareness and has dedicated her life to helping vulnerable people achieve great things.


Sarah has a passion for connecting like-minded individuals and companies to build strong communities that have a global impact. She has worked in many industries, including; banking, finance, alternative health, ecommerce, start-ups, retail, music, and many more. Using the skills she has gained over the years, she brings enthusiasm, creativity and vision to the Arms Around the Child volunteer abroad programme. 


Volunteer Invest is the Arms Around the Child volunteer abroad programme. Founded in the winter of 2015 with a dream of linking professional volunteers to the Arms Around the Child projects in Ghana, India and South Africa.


A growing social enterprise working with groundbreaking charity partners achieving incredible results in the areas of human rights, child development, child therapy and HIV/AIDS treatment.


Connecting value-driven, socially-conscious change makers with the opportunity to contribute to, learn from and experience frontline social work in action.


In this way, we believe the Arms Around the Child Vocational Impact Placements have the potential to achieve social impact on an global scale as the exchange of skills, knowledge and ideas continues to spread from community to community


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