Arms Around The Child

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The donation from Lazy Susan Ltd is working directly to feed 50 children affected by HIV/AIDS at our 2 homes (boys and girls) in Jaipur, India. Most of the children are HIV+ and food security is of the utmost importance. The children need to have a fully balanced and nutritional diet with added vitamin supplements where necessary for adherence to their Antiretroviral Treatment to support living with HIV. The donation will be providing all the food, nutrition, milk and treats for the children for 1 year. 


“At Lazy Susan, we believe in doing some good by coming together to help those in need. That’s why for every photo or review we receive, we donate money to charity. Thanks to our customers we have been able to support so many amazing charities, and we are so thankful that Arms Around The Child is one of them. It’s such an important cause and we can’t get enough of seeing those smiling faces!”


Victorious Festival which is held in Portsmouth UK annually in August has supported Arms Around The Child for  the past 6 years with a generous donation . The funds are allocated each year to support the day to day running of the homes and programmes working with children who are affected by HIV/AIDS often infected at birth or tragically through abuse. The funds also support children who are abandoned, orphaned, trafficked or living in child headed households in Ghana, South Africa and India.


Ben Miles, one of the Directors of Victorious festival said  ‘I think it gives all of us a great sense of pride to know we’re doing our bit for the community and further afield, it’s a brilliant feeling and people are able to see the tangible results of it. It’s important to give back, regardless of what industry you’re in. Arms Around The Child continue to support us and the festival with The World Music Village, so we’re delighted to do the same for them.’


Arms Around The Child are working in partnership with Pinora to provide support for the children at Becky’s Home in Senya Beraku, Ghana. The partnership is currently developing a programme to purchase their own farmland that will enable sustainability and create their own revenue. A working farm will also provide educational training for the older children in the field of agriculture, and this endeavour will provide them with opportunities for their futures.


“We are all very excited at Pinora to have the opportunity to work with Arms Around the Child, and we look forward to creating development programmes in agriculture and farming and training for the children and the community.” Daniel Torvino (Managing Director of Pinora).


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