How can you get involved?


There are so many things you can do to raise money for Arms Around The Child. With unlimited imagination, a few guidelines, top tips and ideas, we can help you organise and plan your fundraising event.

Armed with your pack of information, determination, a sprinkle of inspiration and a desire to make a difference you’ll be well on your way to a successful fund-raising event. It’s your chance to do what you want and have some fun.


You can download some of our resources right now to get started, we’d love to hear about what you’re planning to do so contact us and let us know.


If you need some help, we will provide advice and support whenever we can.

Ways to give

Charity Car is the big-hearted scheme from the UK’s largest car recycling network, that allows you to turn your old car into a cash donation for charity. By choosing Charity Car, 100% of the market value of your scrap car will be donated to Arms Around The Child.


You can choose whether to deliver your old car to one of its local recycling centres, or to make things really easy, they’ll collect it from you for free!


It’ll be recycled responsibly, so you can be reassured there will be no harm to the environment.


They’ll also help you to complete the necessary DVLA paperwork and issue your DVLA Certificate of Destruction, so you can prove your car has been recycled legally.


So what are you waiting for?

Did you know… You can now help ARMS AROUND THE CHILD (UK) – just by shopping online. A percentage of every pound you spend online will be donated to us when you shop online through Give as you Live.


Step 1

Sign up to Give as you Live on your desktop, tablet or via the mobile app. It’s fast, simple and 100% secure.


Step 2

Shop for millions of products at over 3,000 top online retailers including Amazon, John Lewis, eBay, Expedia and more.


Step 3

A percentage of every pound you spend online will be donated to us. The best thing is, it won’t cost you a penny extra.


For over a decade, Arms Around the Child have been working with international volunteers from around the world who have invested in their important work. The international volunteers form an essential part of the Arms Around the Child fundraising effort to continue the development and support in the communities they serve helping vulnerable children in Africa and India. 

Vocational Impact was founded in the winter of 2015, as a direct response to the negativity around ‘voluntourism’ and the ‘Gap Year’ industry. They wanted to ‘DO VOLUNTEERING DIFFERENTLY’. A charity first and foremost under the Arms Around the Child umbrella, they have experience working in international development for over three decades.

Vocational Impact have a deep passion and drive to link professional volunteers and university students to the Arms Around the Child projects in Africa and India. With a core mission to drive international skills exchange and empowerment, they recognised the need of NGOs, and the skills university students can bring to them.

They work directly with universities in the UK, Europe and around the world, assisting students with their research projects, dissertation primary research, sandwich year placements and summer work-experience, volunteer placements and link results driven NGOs, with academic students to produce quality research and placements.



To help international projects build and grow through research, funding and sustainable development.

Work with top universities around the world to find the best student volunteers to serve the communities we support. We are driven by sustainability and development, partnering with vision focused NGOs.

Work with groundbreaking charity partners achieving incredible results in Human Rights, International Development, Child therapy and HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, Art Therapy and social work.

Offer tailored placements for university students in the follow core areas of study;



Art, Design, Music and Photography

Child Development, Mental Health and Social Work 


Medical, Nursing and Healthcare 


Humanities and Social Sciences

Sports Development & Fitness

Business, Marketing & NGO Management


Vocational Impact connect value-driven, socially-conscious change makers, students and professionals with the opportunity to contribute to, learn from and experience frontline social work and international development in action. In this way, they believe their volunteer placements have the potential to achieve social impact on an exponential scale as the exchange of skills, knowledge and ideas continues to spread from community to community.


Vocational Impact Volunteer Abroad



The Vocational Impact relationships with top universities means they speak directly to university students every day, their lecturers and sit on industry link panels to advice universities on ethical study abroad placements. They pride themselves with unique fundraising models and they donate the highest percentage of their volunteer fess direct to the partner organisations, committing to developing reliable and sustainable funding plans for their partner organisations. 



“I developed Vocational Impact as a response to years of research and experience and as a response to the negativity that surrounds charity work, workers and the volunteering industry. In an industry that is unregulated, we wanted to regulate it.

We have collectively worked with charities for over 35 years in every continent in the world and we listened to their needs. We researched what motivated people to volunteer and what charities really needed from international student volunteers. I sat with founders of charities and asked what kept them awake at night, I asked what the next 5 – 10 yeas had in store for them, whether they saw improvement, development and how they were encouraging and lobbying governments for real impactful change. I was so motivated to help, and when we set up Vocational Impact, we had no idea how quickly it would grow.

NGO led skill requirements, and ambitious university students was a match made in heaven. 

Within three years of launching, we increased student enquiries by 400%. We are now aiming to add another four volunteer destinations each year. We have received some of the most heartwarming feedback and life changing stories about how student’s volunteer placements changed everything. This is what motivates me every day. Hearing how a trip to South Africa, made them see the world in a different way, or a stay with our partner organisation in India, and changing their Masters degree focus from Film to Youth Work Management. This is why we keep reaching out and making connections.”

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