Arms Around The Child

Rest In Eternal Peace
Christian Atsu 1992-2023


It was a very sad start to 2023 which saw the tragic loss of Arms Around The Child’s ambassador Christian Atsu during the devastating earthquake in Turkey/Syria. Christian had written to Arms Around The

Child the week before the earthquake to say how excited he was about the progress of the school and how much he wanted the building to be finished in June 2023 for the children at Becky’s Home and the local community to have their own school after the closure of the old school.


We provide love, hope and dignity.

Arms Around The Child is a global charity building a better and kinder environment for children living in extreme adversity, orphaned, abandoned, at risk of child abuse – sexual or otherwise, trafficked or living in child-headed households.
Sometimes the issues of the world or issues in our own lives seem so huge or overwhelming that we can’t bear it or we may feel inadequate, but we can all participate in a kinder world for children because if not us then who?
We ask you to help create a powerful impact by refusing to turn your back on our human family and be determined to change the lives of others in less fortunate circumstances than ours. Help us to help them.



We seek to provide sanctuary, community, warmth, protection, education, healthcare, safety, family, equality, love hope and respect. With years of experience in direct care Arms Around The Child are committed to working with ‘on the ground warriors’ to help scale up, develop, train and implement programmes with dedicated organisations providing the kind of joy, love, peace and respect that children need to lead the way to a brighter future.



We appreciate your compassion and you can be assured that whatever you give will be properly utilized. You will be kept informed of the work we are doing with your kind donation by private email. The best way to support us is always monthly. It helps us spend less on fundraising and allows us to help more children.


Vocational Impact works with professionals, graduates and university students impacting sustainable development.
Fund a Mom believes in women. We know that when women are empowered and determine their own future they radically improve families and communities.


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