Arms Around The Child

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Arms Around The Child sponsor programme is dedicated to building a better and kinder environment for orphaned and abandoned children. Every child deserves happiness and a chance of a brighter future. Help us help them.


Your compassion connects you to a child in need and their small community.


As a sponsor, you will have a special relationship and build a lasting friendship with your sponsored child’s community. You will receive photos, messages, and a handwritten letter, you can reply or even go and visit.


You can choose the location to sponsor a child It only takes a few minutes, but you could change their lives forever.

What will your child sponsorship do? 


Apart from a small processing fee that you can opt to cover, 100% of your donation goes directly to your sponsored child’s small community.


Nutritiously balanced meals provided three times a day every day and where possible programmes to grow vegetables and crops.



Additional schoolbooks, exam fees, uniforms and at one of our sites we are building a new school.



Regular check-ups, health insurances, basic medical supplies, medication and health education.


The Homes

Maintaining and running safe loving homes with regular housekeeping, safe drinking water, sanitation, maintenance of the house and grounds.



Extra activities including yoga, fitness, cooking, painting, football, TV, puzzles, days out, and various holiday celebrations throughout the year.

Choose your location


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Supporting child-headed households.
Looking after a small community of orphaned and abandoned children.
Helping orphans affected by HIV/AIDS.
When you sign up you will receive an email welcome pack introducing your sponsored child’s home and community with a photo and the story so far. You’ll receive a handwritten letter, photos messages and drawings each year. You don’t have to write back, but they would love it if you do. You can even visit and meet with all the children we look after in their community. You will get updates from us about how the children are getting on and see how they are growing with your support.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

You can become a child hero sponsor for as little as £5 per week/ £22 per month. Your generous monthly support will go towards helping improve the lives of children and families in your chosen country and will go directly to the children we support in Senya Beraku, Ghana; Jaipur, India; and Soweto, South Africa through our support programmes. Your sponsorship is truly an investment in children’s lives and futures!  If you can afford to provide support of more than £22  a month, or you can sponsor other children this would help us achieve even more and ensure the sustainability of our child sponsorship programmes.

How are my donations spent?

Child sponsorship support gives children a healthy start in life and your donations provide homes, health care, medications, food, and nutrition, education, love, hope, and respect. Arms Around The Child will continue to support them as they learn and grow in a safe, supportive environment. We work directly with the homes and organisations to develop accountable, innovative, sustainable solutions that meet the needs of children. The most effective way to help the children is to pool your contributions with those of other sponsors, rather than giving them directly to your sponsored child. Your sponsorship is an investment in the children’s daily lives and futures!

How does the sponsorship work?

Arms Around Then Child works with ‘on the ground’ warrior men and women who have dedicated their lives to looking after orphaned and abandoned children, affected by HIV/AIDS, abused, trafficked, or living in child-headed households. We work hand-in-hand with these communities to develop and manage our sponsor programmes. All the children participate, and it is also considered an educational activity supported by their homes and caregivers.

How long do I have to sponsor a child for?

Sponsorship is a voluntary, ongoing contribution. You decide how long you’re able to help. Many sponsors have supported our work for 10 years.

I have more questions, who can I speak to?

Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about sponsorship and our work. You can reach us on 0845 0949491 or email

Can I visit?

Yes, you can! Visiting your sponsored community is a fantastic opportunity and will be a time you will always remember. A one-day, fully supervised visit will leave you with treasured memories, a closer bond to the children, and an insight into how sponsorship helps the children in their homes. If you would like to take a longer stay with the children you can opt to do this through our programme Vocational Impact

How do you keep the children safe?

Safeguarding children and compliance are at the heart of what we do, which is why we have systems in place with the homes that we work with to make sure the sponsored children are protected. Our staff and volunteers screen all the letters, drawings, and photographs sent to sponsored children, and our staff support and supervise sponsors if they visit the child’s home. 

Will my sponsorship connect me with an actual child?

You can choose to sponsor in a specific country, and you will be directly linked to a small community home in either Soweto, Jaipur or Senya Beraku. The welcome email you receive will include photos and information about children in the community you have chosen, and information about Arms Around The Child. You will receive ongoing updates highlighting the impact of your sponsorship in the children’s homes.

Can I send a gift?

To promote fairness, we ask that you consider donating to an additional gift fund which we then distribute to the homes for birthdays and other special occasions that may result in a party or an outing. The mailing system to the countries we support can be very sporadic and also there are many restrictions on what can actually be sent plus it is better for the country’s economy if gifts, clothing, etc are purchased in-country, however, if you would like to make a donation for specific items we can hopefully fulfil your requests.

What will I receive?

When you sign up you will receive an email welcome pack introducing your chosen community with photos and stories. You will also receive a handwritten letter, and sometimes they may send drawings and additional photos. You don’t have to write back, but they would love it if you do. You can even visit and meet with all the children we look after in their community. You will get updates from us about how they are getting on and see how they are growing with your support.

How does the child I sponsor benefit from my support?

The funds are sent on a monthly or quarterly basis and provide all-round care for all the children in their small community. This includes running and maintaining, safe loving homes, with beds, clean sheets and pillows, running water, sanitation, and maintenance of the house and grounds, Education, additional schoolbooks, exam fees, uniforms, and at one of our sites a new school build. Donations provide healthcare, regular check-ups, health insurance, basic medical supplies, medication, and health education. It also includes extra activities including football, cricket, coaching, yoga, fitness, cooking, painting, puzzles, parties at Christmas and other celebrations throughout the year.

Sometimes the issues of the world or issues in our own lives seem so huge or overwhelming that we can’t bear it, or we may feel inadequate, but we can all participate in a kinder world for children because if not us, then who? We ask you to help create a powerful impact by refusing to turn your back on our human family and be determined to change the lives of others in less fortunate circumstances than ours. Help us help them.