Arms Around The Child

Christian Atsu


Christian Atsu grew up outside of Accra, Ghana, where he faced extreme adversity as one of eleven children. His family had very little money and they were often without a home. At just 12 years old, Atsu’s father passed away. This is when he found the drive to embark on the journey of becoming a professional footballer. Atsu achieved this goal and now plays in the Premier League for Newcastle United.


Christian has not forgotten where he came from or who supported him along the way. On holiday, he travels back home to Ghana to spend time with his friends and family. On his recent visits, Atsu set aside time to visit an orphan care home supported by AATC in Senya-Beraku.


Christian said, “Meeting the orphans whose lives have been transformed through Arms Around the Child’s support and hearing the sad stories full of abandonment and sorrow, and then to see how they have adapted and grown together as one big happy family is inspirational.”


He added, “It’s clear that many children are suffering, there are more than 132 million orphans worldwide and I shall do my best to support some of these children in my homeland and beyond. Investing time, talent and resources results in happier and healthier lives.”


As a result, Atsu worked with AATC in organising The Black Star Gala to educate fellow footballers and celebrities on our vision and current projects. The event raised money for an ambitious 8 classroom school build in Senya-Beraku, Ghana. This will help educate 300 children and move them into a safe and fit-for-purpose school building.


Overall, it is an honor to have Christian Atsu as an ambassador for Arms Around The Child and the country of Ghana.


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