Arms Around The Child

To show your support for Rocky and the kids please make a donation: you can show your support by clicking below. AATC are a partner charity ensuring the safety and well being of the kids at Rocky’s orphanage and many many more in India and Africa who live in similar adverse conditions.

Blood Brother is the story of a group of children infected with HIV and Rocky Braat, a disenchanted young American that met them while drifting through India. They were left on the doorstep of a slum orphanage by their families: he had bounced between parents and jobs his whole life.

He wanted to adopt them all, but in reality, he couldn’t cure even one of them.

He had to stay. Today, he lives in a concrete hut a few hundred yards from the orphanage. Every day he encounters the bitter reality of HIV infection. People in the nearby village have tried to force the orphans out because they think the disease is communicable through touch. But the truth is — Rocky needs the kids as much as they need him. Every day they teach him what some of us will never really learn: love is the only thing that makes life worth living.

AATC and the RedHot Organization have been working with the production team on some aspects of the film and in the future Arms Around The Child will help Rocky and the children through the organisation.

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