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Sahara AAlhad – Pune, India

Sahara Aalhad is a 28 year old organization whose mission is to empower people facing difficult situations due to substance use and HIV/AIDS. Sahara Aalhad has implemented a range of strategies to empower people, strengthen communities, to encourage safer behaviour and to aid in the reintegration of people into society. Sahara Aalhad has 36 projects most of which address substance use and HIV/AIDS. Sahara Aalhad is run almost entirely by former substance users and PLHA. Sahara Aalhad runs services for men, women, children and the transgender community.


Sahara has been involved in rebuilding the lives of people with the aim to encourage positive living. Sahara is also majorly focused in sensitizing marginalized communities and has enhanced livelihood options and empowered people so as to integrate them back into the mainstream. Sahara currently provides comprehensive services to people dependent on substances, living with or affected by HIV and AIDS, children living with or affected by HIV and AIDS and those from the sexual minorities group. It’s a guiding principal being not only to talk the extra mile but to walk the ‘extra mile’


Sahara is known nationally and Internationally for it’s uniqueness, exclusivity and the dedication to do something different and there has been many instances when Sahara’s workforce has undoubtedly delivered high pressure quality work in the most difficult of situations.


Acceptance is Sahara’s most important resource. Severe discrimination, stigma, and denial affect people living with HIV/AIDS in India. Many of our clients, from all walks of life, come to us after families and communities have rejected them, out of misconceptions and needless fear. Because of this, our mission also includes raising community awareness about the true causes and nature of HIV.