Arms Around The Child

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Faith Aalingan – Jaipur, India

India is home to the largest number of AIDS Orphans. These children endure stigma and face an impenetrable barrier in Indian society.


Visionary Smriti Singh founded Faith as a safe home for HIV+ orphans and children affected by HIV/AIDS providing specialized care. The numbers of children she took in grew rapidly as there was no other care home who would take in HIV+ Orphans in Jaipur.  Currently 55 boys and girls call Faith their home.  Smriti has dedicated her life to giving her kids the normal loving   life they deserve and she makes sure they live it to the fullest. The children are thriving in a way no one could have imagined. Aged between 5 and 18 they are all attending regular schools and colleges and are excelling in their studies. Importantly Smriti maintains a strong relationship with any existing families, relatives, communities or guardians of the children and facilitates re-integration when the conditions are suitable.


Faith offers the children a loving home, respect, medical treatment oversight and education. They are nurtured and loved and given the confidence to pursue their dreams.


We hope you will join us in making these kid’s dreams come true.