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Becky Foundation, Senya-Beraku, Ghana

Visionary and former school teacher, Seth Asiedu from Senya Beraku, Ghana set up this care home after noticing an increasing number of his students were unable to attend school. They were suffering from neglect and abuse and some were becoming victims of child trafficking. He wanted to help give children opportunities out of the poverty driving these issues ensuring education up to high school age, giving them the best opportunities for the future.


Seth initially set up an after-school club for local children who were suffering at home and needed extra care and support with clothing, school books and medicine.


This led to Seth providing the Becky’s home for abandoned children which soon grew offering more orphaned children shelter, protection, support, and education. From a small rented 2-bedroom house Becky’s Home was built and now provides for 50 + boys & girls with ages ranging from 4 to 14 years. Seth has also built a school and a day care centre for preschool children.


The home and school seek to provide a child-friendly safe and nurturing environment enabling them to develop and grow into their full potential, irrespective of their circumstances, gender, religion or ethnicity.  These are the tools for success with LOVE thrown in to the mix, anything is possible.