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The Artist Residency

The Arms Around The Child Artist Residency in Senya Beraku, Ghana, is a dual-mission initiative dedicated to championing mid-career artists residing internationally with roots/connections to Africa and its diaspora.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing space for artistic exploration, cross-cultural exchange, and collaboration. Simultaneously, the residency serves as a vital fundraising platform for the charity Arms Around The Child.

By celebrating the rich artistic heritage of Africa and promoting innovation, we aim to make a lasting impact on the global art scene, contributing to a brighter future for children affected by poverty and adversity.

The residency was created and developed by Jason Colchin Carter and Arms round The Child Director Ellie Milner in 2022 to develop the charities connection to the art world after a successful auction at Christie’s London. We aim to invite established and exciting emerging artists with a connection to Africa to one of our residencies over the forthcoming years – Collaboration and experimentation will be actively encouraged to promote and celebrate Africa, the local and surrounding community’s artistic and cultural identity while also introducing the inclusive concept of the art and culture of others. This intercultural exchange aims to broadens the ability of all involved to experience and appreciate art; whilst furthering the message and aims of AATC.

We will invite the artists to engage in workshops/ demonstrations/observations with the children Arms Around The Child look after in Ghana.

The resident artists are based in Senya Beraku, Ghana and encouraged to travel around the country on weekends along with planned trips. In celebrating the diverse artistic heritage of Africa, and promoting innovation across all mediums, we enable guest Artists to create in a new environment away from their everyday lives. New experiences stimulate creativity and revitalise the creative mind.

The artists will work from a bespoke studio created for the purposes of the art residency within the school that was recently opened in Senya Beraku. The school was built by the charity along with the late International Footballer Christian Atsu who passed away in the devastating earthquake in Turkey/Syria Feb 2023. The residency serves to continue the legacy of Christian and his philanthropic journey and will support the children in Senya Beraku and Ghana and remind us that each of us has the power to create positive change, to uplift those in need, and be the driving force behind a more compassionate world.

Please see below information on our Art residency artists to date.

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