Arms Around The Child

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****Exhibition open from November 9th-16th, 10-5pm daily****


The Carters are a husband and wife artistic duo that has been collaborating for the past 20 years. Their work is centred on the possibilities of light, colour and form and has taken many mediums, including camera-less photography, painting, installation, neon, sculpture and time-based media. In exploring these various mediums they continually push the boundaries between them – often creating works, which cannot be defined in one sense alone. The Carters’ work is housed in the collections of the Mauritshuis, the Frans Hals Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the David Roberts Foundation, the Stadel Museum, and Foundation Custodia. They are the only living artists to have shown a work at the Frick Museum, New York (Transforming Still Life in 2013-2014 as part of the show

Treasures from the Mauritshuis). The Cibachrome series, Paint Pigment Photographs (2012) neatly demonstrates the artist’s preoccupation with light, colour and form. The Hindu festival of Holi inspired the unique action photography that captures paint pigment spontaneously thrown into the air.

Explosions of coloured pigment captured at 1/8,000th of a second retain the energy of the act itself, suspended in space. The resulting photograph, no easy thing to create, is a physical manifestation of the actual performance, creating an imprint of the spontaneous gesture.

The series plays on the transient nature of light and form, and also creates a dialogue about the ephemeral aspect of art. What we see can only ever be a minute fraction of what existed, an eternal challenge of a mechanically made image and optical knowledge.





Meredith Ostrom is a graduate of New York University, Tisch School o

f the Arts, she got her BFA degree with a double major in Drama and Fine arts with a minor in Cinema Studies from the Tisch program, and further studied at the New York School of Interior Design in the Masters of Fine Art program.
Meredith is interested in how art and function link in space, which her work explores. She is particularly interested in the juxtaposition of nature and technology, and how that integrates within a given space. She is also inspired by her Scandinavian roots, which play into the narratives she constructs within her interiors, in particular the bespoke functional sculptures, and her collaborative approach to the artistic element within interior design.

Meredith’s first solo art exhibition was in March 2009 and was a successful sell-out. In March 2010 her work was included at Vegas Gallery in London’s east end, in Keith Coventry’s curated, Peep Show a group show of paintings and photography alongside Tracey Emin, Keith Tyson, Alison Jackson, Dan Macmillan, Henry Hudson, Matt Collishaw, Emer O’Brien and George Condo. She has also worked on photography art projects and was the face to launch Sky T.v.’s Arts channel, photographed and curated by Rankin which was shown as well on Billboards across London calling it Rankin’s Sky TV Street Gallery as well collaborative photographic art projects with Ellen Von Unwerth for Italian Vogue, Alison Jackson for GQ and Simon Emmet for the arts and culture magazine, Volt.