Arms Around The Child

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Aman came to Arms Around the Child us at just 8 after his family found out he was HIV positive and rejected him. Here is his story:

“I was only 8 when I came to Faith. I needed a new home because both of my parents had died from AIDS and my father’s family didn’t want me to stay in the house with them and my brother. So my older brother from my mother’s first husband brought me to Jaipur. He took me to a place to get medicine for my HIV and the people there told him about Faith.

When he left me here I was very sick. I couldn’t breathe very well and the doctors said that my immune system was very weak and that I was malnourished from not having enough food. They put a tube through my nose that went into my stomach so I could get enough food that would stay in my body. It hurt a lot and I didn’t like it at all. The doctors also gave me lots of medicine that they said would make my HIV better. But they said that it would never go away and that I would have it forever.

When I was better I started to play with the other boys and I really liked to do dancing. I loved to listen to the music and jump around the room – it made me feel really good and happy. The people at Faith said I was a good dancer and so they helped me to get better and I danced at a lot of places all around Jaipur. I started to go to school too and though I didn’t like it very much my teachers were very kind and patient with me and I passed my final exams.

A little while ago my oldest brother who had brought me to Faith came to bring me home. I was scared at first but now I am happy to live with him. When the people from Faith came to visit they were happy to see that I was taking my medicine properly. They also helped me to enroll in a hospitality course at a local place and I like it. I hope to one day be a good businessman.”

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