Arms Around The Child

Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse is a serious and grave crime which occurs worldwide where it is estimated that 40m children are subjected to abuse every year. We are more aware of child sexual abuse than ever but it is a massive epidemic. Almost everyone you know has suffered some type of unwanted adult attention at some time in their lives from fondling to full on abuse.


Psychological studies indicate that the effects of child sexual abuse can include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety. Where incest is involved there can be more serious psychological trauma.


Operation Bobbi Bear was started by Jackie Branfield in 1992 to provide on-going support to children but also to help minimize their risk of HIV infection. Arms Around the Child are pleased to be helping Bobbi Bear around 4,000 children per month as part of their school outreach program. Bobbi Bear also rescue children from homes where sexual abuse is prevalent and through an incredibly powerful idea – prodding the child with a Teddy Bear with with they can draw what happened to them – they are able to bring the perpetrators to justice as well M provide healing for the child. This is something that should be advanced all across the world. Simple, effective and using the language of children.